Reputation & CSR

« As a company, we are part of this society; we have a certain priviledge..., therefore we have responsibility to do something good, to make the community around us prosper.»

AFRECOM's Lead expert Chief Fred Nguime Ekollo has managed External Affairs (including Reputation Management & Corporate Social Responsibility) for Pecten Cameroon Company (Shell subsidiary for EP in Cameroon) for 4 years during which he (a) conducted the elaboration and the implementation of the 2006-2010 Social Performance Plan, (b) elaborated the Local Content policy, (c) designed and launched the Mangrove Program which aims at restoring mangroves ecosystems and training communities on alternative livelihood opportunities other than mangrove deforestation and overfishing in wetlands areas of Cameroon, and d) trained communities on water hyacinth clearing and economic transformation. He was associated in managing very complex stakeholders and reputational issues involving hostage- taking crisis and staff clashes with management. With its strong African and worldwide experts network, AFRECOM offers high level services on :

  Social performance policy, strategy & planning
  Local content policy, strategy & management system
  Stakeholder management system
  Issues Identification and Management
  Internal & external communication
  Stakeholder engagement
  Implementation and follow-up of Social performance activities
  Reputation risks management
  Crisis management
  Social impacts assessment & reporting