Domestic gas distribution

The CEO of AFRECOM ensured the Coordination of the Feasibility Study and Detailed Preliminary Project of an Integrated Domestic Gas Distribution Network in Cameroon in the 1990s with a conclusive pilot experimentation phase.

AFRECOM partners with SOCATECH, a Canadian LPG equipment company for the supply of decentralized domestic gas distribution equipment.

Advantages of the decentralised gas distribution system
  Reduced impact on forest resources through the shift from wood to domestic gas.
  Bridging the sociological barriers to the utilization of reputed expensive and risky energy.
  Improvement of women's quality of life through access to economic, healthier & more sustainable (less GES) source of energy.
  Greater flexibility.

The system contributes to :
  Better usage & reduction of mobilized gas bottles for companies.
  Reduced & progressive investment for companies.
  Savings for companies through reduced movement of gas bottles and maintenance charges.
  Greater penetration of domestic gas in isolated areas including periodic rural markets through mobile distribution centers.