Environment & Sustainable Development

AFRECOM's CEO conducted :

Image flottante (a) in 1994-1995 a study on green house gases assessment and elaboration of a response strategy to climate change within the framework of Africa & Climate project by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

(b) an identification report of energy & environment projects in Cameroon for the United Nations Development program (UNDP/Global Energy facility (GEF) in 1994.

(c) a report on "Energy efficiency in the industrial sector of Cameroon, policies, strategies, particular cases of oil refining, cement, aluminium and textile industries, trends for the future" as consultant for Energy and Development in Africa (ENDA) in 1993.

AFRECOM's expertise extends to the following :
  Elaboration & implementation of HS&E policies and management systems
  Health, safety, environmental, and social impacts Assessment
  Pollutions prevention & protection of environnement
  Pollution clean-up and waste management industry