Dredging & Public Works

AFRECOM provides sustainable supply of Moungo sand which meets public works international standards.

AFRECOM has appropriate equipment for dredging, loading, and delivery to meet the needs of big sand and gravel consumers: construction companies, various industries, etc. AFRECOM can also supply to his costumers sand of specific size for industrial cleaning (sand blasting).

Dredging of canals and harbors, storage dams et hydroelectric water storage dams, cleaning of polluted sites including clearing of water hyacinth

Our ambition is to become a big dredging company. We offer complex dredging services through responsible partnership.

AFRECOM successfully dredged from December 2009 to January 2010, the pass from the Kribi channel to the estuary of the Kienke river in order to provide the drilling equipment of the FUGGRO SEACORE company with a draft of 6 meters by 100 meters which allowed him to access the site of the future Kribi deepwater port project.